So one Sunday evening I put my old worn shoes on ebay …. I don’t even know why, but the response was amazing.  I had some really sweet messages and some rather odd ones.  Nothing that weirded me out too much, just people looking for something particular, wanting to know if my shoes fit their personal likes, interested in worn clothing and underwear ….. smelly, dirty, ruined, just worn.  The money I made the weekend my listings ended, paid to take my kids swimming, and bought my eldest a cute new outfit and the twins a new pair of shoes each.  After all, that’s what I was listing things on ebay for, to be able to afford to do more things with the kids, treat them to nice things …. and that’s what I was able to do.

People embraced my openess and willingness to provide exactly what they were after, and at the same time as being able to do more things with the kids I also felt I was helping other people fulfil a fantasy / desire.

I’ve had lots of requests none of which have shocked me!  From specific trashing of shoes to red silk knickers worn for a week.  Different strokes for different folks, and I’m happy to help with most things because in return I get to spoil the kids even more ❤

Feel free to contact me if you think I can help with something worn 😉  If I can wear it or trash it I’ll probably do it 😆😉

Sophie2016-03-22 22.10.23.jpg





  1. Hiya, looks like your making a good start with this. Wish you every success and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of happy customers, which in turn will mean happy kids. 🙂


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