Month: March 2016

Another Sunday … Another Listing

My new Sunday night ebay listings have gone on.  LOTS of size 8’s which seem very popular.  A nice wide range of shoe style and varying degrees of worn-ness!

Check them out on ebay HERE

In the meantime don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you think I can help with something worn or trashed …. and not just shoes 😉



The strange, the weird and the slightly bizarre

The last few days have been a revelation!  In a good way!

I’ve been called a life saver and asked if I would sell my pee/poop!

Polar opposite initial reactions generated there haha!

It’s great to know offering hard to find fetish items can be seen as something that might actually help save a person.  I don’t want to divulge too much information as its personal and private, but a relationship break up under normal circumstances is hard enough but when it involves losing someone who not only understands and accepts your fantasies but indulges and embraces them alongside you, I can’t imagine the devastation felt.

As for selling my wee and poop, I am still getting my head around the request, weighing it up as a possibility …. can you even send poop via royal mail?  LMFAO!


New White Boots Ordered for Custom Trashing

So excited to receive these uber sexy white pleated button heeled boots.  Its going to be a shame to get em all trashed up but I will sooooooo enjoy wearing them while I do it.


Mud, puddles, food, drink …… poor white boots about to become very very dirty indeed.  And the lucky buyer gets pictures and videos of them getting more and more filthy.

Can’t wait to send them to the lucky buyer once I have finished “preparing” them 😉

I love what I do ….. nearly as much as the sweet people that receive my items.

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Trashed Kinky Cake Boots

Spent the afternoon trashing a well worn pair of kinky boots, with buckles and studs.  They got strawberry muffin’d and chocolate caked.  Had lots of fun, but probably not as much as the lucky person who will be receiving them soon!

Feel free to email me if there is something you want