Custom Trashing Service

Buying a worn pair of shoes on ebay is all well and good, and for some that’s enough.

Through selling I have learnt that for some, just well worn isn’t quite what they are looking for and they have slightly more specific needs.  As standard I offer to wear any shoes sold as seen, for a little longer or without socks or with socks that get sent too 🙂20160322_133149

But what if you are looking for a pair of red patent stilettos, slashed up with a blade and then pee’d on LOL Okay that’s probably a little extreme but not unheard of, maybe you have your eyes on a specific pair of shoes or boots, or want something trashed beyond well worn, these things are near on impossible to find or have provided.

That’s where I come in!

For £80 plus the cost of footwear of your choice, I buy your chosen shoes and wear / trash them however you want.  I’ll take photos / videos (knee down) of your shoes / boots / slippers being abused as you wish and keep you updated.

$_12I take a non refundable 50% of the total cost up front which covers the cost of shoes and a deposit, and then the remainder when you are satisfied with the finished product and are ready for me to send them your way.

The process will usually take between 3 and 4 weeks from receipt of the footwear.   20160516_142439

Think I can help YOU?  Get in touch x


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