Custom Trashing

It’s been a while …..

It’s been a little while since my last blog.

Life has been manic and all 3 kids have been ill and I have been up to my armpits in snot ….. pretty sure I could have sold it all and make a few quid haha!

Anyway, been custom trashing the lovely white boots that I got received.  Taken me a while, as had mobile problems so couldnt shoot the muddy puddle video but the buyer has been very patient.  Food to add then they are good to go.

Ebay are off my back finally!  So listings going up every week with new well worn shoes on offer!  So make sure you keep an eye on my things for sale 🙂

Don’t forget, I can provide ANY worn items for sale, worn for any length of time aswell as trashing items to your liking 🙂  Don’t be shy drop me an email 😉




New White Boots Ordered for Custom Trashing

So excited to receive these uber sexy white pleated button heeled boots.  Its going to be a shame to get em all trashed up but I will sooooooo enjoy wearing them while I do it.


Mud, puddles, food, drink …… poor white boots about to become very very dirty indeed.  And the lucky buyer gets pictures and videos of them getting more and more filthy.

Can’t wait to send them to the lucky buyer once I have finished “preparing” them 😉

I love what I do ….. nearly as much as the sweet people that receive my items.

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