The Strange, The Weird and The Slightly Bizarre

The strange, the weird and the slightly bizarre

The last few days have been a revelation!  In a good way!

I’ve been called a life saver and asked if I would sell my pee/poop!

Polar opposite initial reactions generated there haha!

It’s great to know offering hard to find fetish items can be seen as something that might actually help save a person.  I don’t want to divulge too much information as its personal and private, but a relationship break up under normal circumstances is hard enough but when it involves losing someone who not only understands and accepts your fantasies but indulges and embraces them alongside you, I can’t imagine the devastation felt.

As for selling my wee and poop, I am still getting my head around the request, weighing it up as a possibility …. can you even send poop via royal mail?  LMFAO!